Benjamin L. (Casting Director) - "You brought strong choices to the roles, and you take direction very well. Your range is impressive, and we were very pleased to hear three distinct characters from you."


Patrick hails from New Jersey where he was active in acting and directing for the stage for 14 years. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has continued his theatre training with the likes of Robyn Cohen, Val Lauren, and James and Scott Caan.

Patrick practiced his puppetry in Primal Screen, a Shudder Original, served as a body double for Jim Rash on Great News, and also starred in several sketches, industrials, commercials, and short films.

Patrick co-wrote and directed the Hollywood Fringe Nominee for Best Ensemble - Up Down Stick Stuck, and two one-woman shows in subsequent years. He made his Fringe debut in 2018 in Henry V. When he isn't doing any of that, Patrick pretends he is a doctor for pharmaceutical companies.

He's also a really nice guy.