Benjamin L. (Casting Director) - "You brought strong choices to the roles, and you take direction very well. Your range is impressive, and we were very pleased to hear three distinct characters from you."


I'm Patrick, and I don't normally write in the first-person. I have collaborated on original plays, lead theatrical productions on and off-stage, and am currently enrolled in the Filmmaking Masterclass at Studio4LA. 

I'm lovable and amicable, like a mix of Gene Wilder, John Krasinski (but much shorter), and Mr. Rogers. 

On this site you can find the ridiculous Tunesius Experience podcast, which I'm told has an audience, in addition to reels and a resume, blah, blah, blah.

Oh no, I'm running out of space. Think, damn you, think! Uh, I can juggle! I can cry on cue, usually, uh, my beard is red. Who cares about that! Oh no, this is it! I never saw Paris! Remember me!!!